Mahdi Belbasi

I am Mahdi Belbasi, currently serving as an associate at Morgan Stanley (Hedge fund solutions unit). Previously, I was a software engineer (Optimization team) at Gopuff designing and implementing algorithms. I earned my PhD degree in theoretical computer science from Penn State University (2017-2022),  where I was fortunate to be advised by Dr. Martin Fürer. My PhD Dissertation focused on Fixed Parameter Tractable (FPT) algorithms, optimization, approximation algorithms, and algebraic graph theory. The title of my thesis was "FPT Algorithms for NP-Complete Graph Problems Parameterized by Treewidth and Tree-Depth".

I did my undergrad in computer engineering and mathematics at Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. I did my  undergrad project (thesis) with Dr. Ebadollah Mahmoodian which was about The Chromatic Number of Finite Group Cayley Tables.

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